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Advance CTE is the longest-standing national non-profit that represents State CTE Directors and state leaders of Career Technical Education.

It is our mission to support state CTE leadership to advance high-quality and equitable CTE policies, programs and pathways that ensure career and college success for each learner.

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What We Do

Advance CTE is the leading organization representing state CTE leaders dedicated to ensuring CTE without limits for all learners. 

Advocating for policies, legislation and funding that increase access to high-quality CTE programs of study.

Learn More About Engaging Policymakers

Helping states and institutions effectively share the story of CTE in their own communities.

Learn More About Case Making & Communications

Empowering leaders with tools and inspiration to improve CTE at all levels.

Learn More About State Policy Resources

Equipping state leaders with experiences and resources to drive high quality and equitable CTE in their states and communities.

Learn More About Professional Development

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Keep up with Advance CTE by exploring our regularly updated blog!

Advance CTE Upcoming Virtual Events

Check out upcoming virtual learning opportunities that elevate key issues and priorities for state CTE leaders.

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